Orela Vokes

Month: September, 2012

Coffee or Sleep?

It’s 03:30 and I’ve been painting all day. Happy with the way things are progressing.


Raw Materials

When I begin a new project I start by experimenting with materials and this plays a huge role in deciding the direction I take. There is an element of chance in my work, which I consider a positive thing because on occasions it is the unexpected result of an experiment that takes it to a more interesting place. I originally started working with found materials such as old shelves and doors because I was desperate to create but didn’t have the financial resources, but I continue to use found materials mostly because the materials themselves are so inspiring. The fact that it’s better for the environment and helps to keep costs down is an added bonus. For my current project I was a little choosier with the material as it needs to be fairly small and lightweight so that I can transport it to England. I decided to buy from a nearby second-hand building supplier and, resisting a beautiful stained-glass window, choose the most lightweight panel/board they had. It was an absolute bargain so I’ll definitely be returning if I need something specific in the future.


It’s confirmed! I’m so excited to be showing my work in my hometown in “Parched Artists” very first exhibition. “Parched Artists” are a group of painters, print-makers, designers and jewellery-makers, and I feel lucky to be exhibiting alongside such talented and lovely people. The exhibition is open to the public on the 7th of October, in The Globe Room (behind The Reindeer), Banbury.

Memory Lane

I’ve just started the second week of the semester and I’ve already written 4000 words. These courses are wonderful but intense! My first major assignment is a memoir, and as I decided to write about an event that took place in my final year at uni I’ve been looking through my journals and sketchbooks from that time.


The best laid plans…

Instead of painting I spent the weekend baby-, bunny- and poorly boyfriend- sitting, so I’ve decided to ignore the deadline I set last week. I painted for hours today, enjoying the lack of constraints. There is more work to do than I previously thought but it’s a fun process and I’m trying new techniques which will undoubtedly inspire my new project.