Orela Vokes

Month: October, 2012

And breathe

I’ve spent the last few days reading and writing like a maniac in order to get all my assignments in on time, so there hasn’t been much time for drawing or painting. However, I did manage to finish the cover for Erik’s EP and I’ll put pictures up once it’s released.


Night Owl

One of my favourite things is to stay up late doing art stuff and listening to music. It’s almost as good as snuggling up in bed. Tonight I’m working with a lot of blue.


I’m still in the process of photographing my new paintings but they’ll be on here soon, as will the new Last Box of Sparklers EP cover (after a lot of work on Photoshop). For now, here are some hints about my new project.

Last Weekend

It’s been a week since I last posted and I’ve just about recovered from all the excitement. The exhibition was wonderful; everyone had produced really fantastic pieces and the Globe Room looked beautiful. It was especially lovely to be exhibiting with friends that I was on the foundation art course with in 2005.A massive thanks to everyone who came and supported us. Since the weekend I’ve been concentrating on my writing courses, which have taken a backseat over the last few weeks. However, Erik has finished his latest EP and wants a cover for it ASAP, so it’s back to (art-) work tomorrow!

Hello England!

Eeeeek, just two days until the exhibition! I flew home yesterday and have taken over a room at my parents’ with my pictures, paints and paintbrushes. And lots of newspaper, since Mama’s not a fan of paint on the carpet. Eight paintings finished and two to go.