Orela Vokes

Month: February, 2013


Pigeon in progress. He’s very sketchy and smudged at the moment but I’ll be cleaning him up and adding colour soon.

Pigeon in pencil


Old Bird

I’m all about birds at the moment, and not for the first time. Birds used to be one of my favourite motifs along with trees and seas. This is a linocut print I made nearly seven years ago!

Bird Over Sea

First exhibition of 2013

This weekend I was at Veterinärmuseet in snowy Skara setting up my work for the Uzbekistan-inspired exhibition which opens today and runs for two weeks.

Mir-i Arab, Tilya Kori, Gur-e Amir, Barak-Khan

Goose, Stork, Peacock

Mountain from a Train

Unbelievable Blue


Still working on Uzbek-inspired pieces for the coming exhibition. The mountains are finished and now I’m onto the birds.



Today I am mostly painting mountains. A little sky and a little sea too, but mostly mountains.

Mountains in progress