Orela Vokes

Month: March, 2013

Scowl Colour

I used watercolour pencils on my owl picture but wasn’t satisfied with the background so I filled most of it in using Photoshop. It was an interesting experiment and I like the result, but it looks out of place among the other pieces I’m working on, so I won’t be showing it at the “Parched Artists” exhibition.

(sc)owl black


Sunshine and Seagulls

On Monday I went out with my camera hoping to get some more photos for inspiration and reference. I knew exactly where I wanted to go – a spot by the river where I’ve taken bird photos before. I took a little bread as a bribe and the ducks, seagulls and terns were more than happy to pose.

Parched Artists 2

I’m very happy to be exhibiting with “Parched Artists” again, this time at AKA in Banbury from the 14th to the 16th of April. Everyone’s busy creating visual treats so make sure to come along! I’m still indulging my bird obsession and today’s picture is inspired by the icy temperatures and clear blue skies here in Gothenburg.

Winter Goose

Sad Words EP

Erik is playing an anti-racism event here in Gothenburg tomorrow and as I was gathering up some Last Box of Sparklers CDs I remembered that I hadn’t posted the artwork for the latest EP, Sad Words. (Last Box of Sparklers – Sad Words E.P.) Erik and I both had some pretty clear ideas of what we wanted to incorporate, including bubbles and the colour blue. Painting the sea and sky and experimenting with different techniques to create a bubble effect took a few days but the whole process was much quicker this time as I worked with the same layout I’d created for the first EP.

Sad Words front

Sad Words back


Can’t wait to put some colour on this frowny fellow!


Grey Days

Brrr! After some lovely Spring weather cold, grey days seem extra gloomy. Sunshine soon, please!

Grey Day