Orela Vokes

Month: October, 2013

Parched Artists 4

It’s going to be a busy month – “Parched Artists” are exhibiting again at the end of November! More details coming soon but for now here’s a section of a painting I finished this week. You can see the whole piece in our very first zine, which will be available at the exhibition.

face detail



I should be writing an essay but painting is more fun. Procrastination in one area = productivity in another! Here’s a bit of a painting I’ve been working on today, starring my beautiful bunny Panda.

bunny detail

Old Favourites

I was discussing a possible commission earlier today and was reminded of these collages from 2009. Made from found photographs, reclaimed wood and a motley assortment of paints, they remain two of my favourite pieces.

In the Trees

On the Fence


Every Autumn I become more optimistic and more pessimistic, and every Autumn I think that these two attitudes will work nicely together to create a middle ground. But they stay separate: Part of me feels that there are only cold and dark days ahead and I want to wrap up in a blanket and hibernate until Spring. The other part of me is excited by the new courses I’ve begun, and eager to get stuck into fresh projects. These two extreme attitudes inspire really interesting ideas and I can’t wait to start working on them.


More Trees

Playing around with printing and collage.

Winter Tree

Autumn Tree