Orela Vokes

Month: November, 2013


I’m excited and nervous and still-working-to-get-everything-done for tomorrow’s exhibition. I’ve got a couple of details to add to a few paintings and I still have to frame everything so it’s going to be a very late night for me!

Penguin 1


Penguins in progress

I’ve had a lovely weekend painting, listening to music, and drinking lots of coffee. I didn’t finish the penguin paintings but I started a couple of new pieces and am almost done with another two so I’m not panicking just yet. I’m flying to England on Wednesday and the exhibition isn’t until Saturday so if I need to I can pack a few tubes of paint and finish things there.

4 penguins in progress


“Parched Artists” will be exhibiting at Castle House, Banbury, one week today! We’re there all weekend so there’s plenty of time to treat your eyes. I went to Slottskogen (the big park here in Gothenburg) earlier in the week and had a wonderful time watching the Humboldt penguins. Thankfully, my camera worked and I was able to take lots of reference photos before the cold forced both me and the birds inside. I’ve just finished drawing a few of these beauties and am looking forward to painting them tomorrow.

penguin photo 1

penguin photo 2

penguin photo 3


My¬† camera seems to have gone into hibernation so I don’t have any new photos to share, but work for the “Parched Artists” exhibition is slowly progressing¬† and I’m looking forward to spending the coming weekend drawing and painting. This time I’ll be showing a mixture of (nearly) all my favourite things including trees, birds and faces, and most of the images have a definite wintery feel. In lieu of ‘in-progress’ photos here are a few snowy shots I took last winter.

Winter 12 (1)

Winter 12 (2)

Do play with your food!

I talk about ‘playing’ a lot and this is a typical example: I boiled some beetroot for dinner last night and, as always, admired the beautiful colour it had turned the water. But I didn’t stop there – I dipped a teaspoon into the pan and began sketching! I’ve used beetroot dye before (https://orelavokes.wordpress.com/2012/08/14/happy-sounds-and-sights) but this time the colour was more intense. I love the idea of using natural dyes but I’m worried that they’ll fade quickly, however these doodles I did on tea-stained post-it notes in 2007 have kept their colour so I think it’s definitely an area to explore.

Beet Deet

Tea Birds

Tea Bear

Tea Monkey-Bat

Panda Hat

I finished this painting last week but a mishap with some pomegranate juice forced me to redo the background. Going to put it away now (before another accident happens) and start sketching ideas for the “Parched Artists” exhibition!

Little Fur Hat