Orela Vokes

Month: December, 2013

Happy Christmas!

Season’s Greetings from sunny, windy, rainy England!

Christmas Tree


Bestest Bun

Here’s another painting from the last “Parched Artists” exhibition. I thought it was about time I did a portrait of my little monkey bunny Panda, since he provides such good company when I’m painting and only chews my work sometimes.


Death Songs (Part One)

Now that it’s released I can share the cover I did for the latest Last Box of Sparklers EP (https://lastboxofsparklers.bandcamp.com/album/death-songs-part-one/ and Last Box of Sparklers – Death Songs (Part One)). I like to use my own experiences in  my art as much as possible and for almost all my bird pictures I’ve spent time watching and photographing birds and then used those photos for reference. Getting to know a bird’s character makes it easier and more enjoyable to create a good portrait. For this cover I’ve painted a vulture and unfortunately I’ve never met one in real life so I had to resort to the internet. Vultures are fascinating creatures with a lot of symbolism surrounding them – a perfect subject. As always, I sketched the bird in pencil first, then drew over the ‘right’ lines with a waterproof pen. Then it was time for watercolours and I especially enjoyed painting the texture of  the vulture’s wrinkly neck. On Photoshop I added a plain dark background and my own lettering and the result is my favourite LBoS cover yet!

Vulture - pen

Vulture - watercolour

Death Songs (Part One)

Oh Deer!

I spent yesterday working on the cover for the new LBoS EP and both Erik and I are really happy with it. Once it’s released I’ll post some images and links but until then here’s a piece from the exhibition.

Oh Deer!

Number 4

I’m back in snowy Sweden after a great time in England. Our fourth “Parched Artists” exhibition was my favourite yet; there was a lovely festive atmosphere and everyone in the group sold work. I have masses of coursework to finish before Christmas so I think I have to take a little art break, but before I do I have the fourth LBoS EP cover to design!