Orela Vokes

Month: January, 2014


Besides art, writing is my biggest passion and I love illustrating my own texts. A story came to me the other day and now I have a poem (which I may call Stargirl) that I’m really excited to illustrate! These are a few of the images I created for a story I wrote in 2008 called “The Dwelling Place”.




Stormy Sea

I miss the sea, both in  real life and in my paintings. There was a time,  long ago, when I was obsessed with painting waves and surf and spray, and now I remember why. It’s finally got really cold and snowy here so outdoor painting will have to wait until the Spring but I can still take a trip to the islands and get some sea-views before then.

Stormy Sea

No Snow

I had a wonderful Christmas with my family and now that I’m back in Sweden I’m concentrating on end-of-term essays and exams. Despite the predictions of snow chaos we’ve only had a few days of snow so far this winter and I’m missing the brightness that a blanket of white brings to otherwise dark days. Today I’m sharing a painting from 2009 as the only drawing I’ve been doing lately is playing Pictionary and decorating biscuits!

Red Sky