Orela Vokes

Month: March, 2014


Exams and essays are stealing my time again, so for now I can only dream of days filled with drawing and painting. In my spare moments I doodle in my sketchbook, and it’s nice to just empty my mind onto a page or two. Here are a couple of friendly foxes.

2 friendly foxes



I spent the weekend in Copenhagen with my friend (and fellow Parched Artist) Hayley. It was a only a short trip but it was long enough to completely fall in love with the place! We stayed in super-cool Versterbro but also explored Christianshavn, Christiania, and the city centre. There was so much to see that I barely opened my sketchbook but it felt good to just soak up the sunshine and surroundings.

Copenhagen 1

Copenhagen 2

Copenhagen 3

Copenhagen 4

Copenhagen 5

Sketchbook Sunday

It’s cold and rainy here so I’ve spent the afternoon snuggled up with tea, scented candles and my art supplies. I usually work on loose pieces of paper but I bought a couple of sketchbooks last month and it’s great to have something that I can take anywhere. I think working in a sketchbook feels more private, more like a journal, and this definitely affects what I draw and paint.

Starry-eyed Girls