I was born in Oxford in 1986 and currently live in Gothenburg, Sweden, with my miracle bunny Panda, heaps of books and pretty things, and an assortment of seventies furniture. I graduated from the University of Bath in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in illustration, and have recently completed a degree in English literature and creative writing at the University of Gothenburg. I feel my work as a visual artist responds to two worlds: the first being ‘the world within me’, and within humans generally. This work explores social and psychological subjects and often takes the form of individual drawings and illustrated stories. ‘The world around me’ is my second world, and painting allows me to indulge my love of colour and texture whilst taking inspiration from natural beauty. In Autumn 2009 I held my first solo exhibition at The University of Agricultural Sciences in Sweden and I continue to exhibit as often as possible, usually with the Banbury-based collective “Parched Artists”, of which I’m a proud founding member. When I’m not painting, reading or writing I like to relax/procrastinate by watching films, taking photos, and wandering in forests or second-hand shops.

I hope you enjoy my blog! /Orela