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“Before the Breakdown”

A little while ago I posted that I was up to something exciting. That thing was an EP cover for the Swedish band Sun & The Rain Men, which I made with a mixture of painting and Photoshop. Here it is! (Sun & The Rain Men – Before The Breakdown)

Before the Breakdown - Sun + the Rain Men


Elated and Exhausted!

Today I completed my last assignment of the semester which means that I’m done with studying until the Autumn! It’s strange to think that just a week ago I was enjoying the opening night of the “Parched Artists” exhibition at the Mill Arts Centre. We’re incredibly proud of how great everything looks and since the show is up until the end of June there’s plenty of time to check it out!

PA@Mill, Photo-Tjobbe Andrews


Happy Monday

Happy Monday everyone! I’ve been in England for a week and have been having a splendid time catching up with family and friends. Earlier today I left my paintings at the Mill Arts Centre, where they’ll be exhibited alongside some fantastic work from eleven other Parched Artists. Opening night is on Thursday, from 6-9 pm. Come see!

I'd Like to be a Tree (text)

Sketchbook Sunday

It’s cold and rainy here so I’ve spent the afternoon snuggled up with tea, scented candles and my art supplies. I usually work on loose pieces of paper but I bought a couple of sketchbooks last month and it’s great to have something that I can take anywhere. I think working in a sketchbook feels more private, more like a journal, and this definitely affects what I draw and paint.

Starry-eyed Girls

Valentine’s Day

Love is a wonderful thing. Love each other and love yourself.

From Russia with Love (detail)


Every Autumn I become more optimistic and more pessimistic, and every Autumn I think that these two attitudes will work nicely together to create a middle ground. But they stay separate: Part of me feels that there are only cold and dark days ahead and I want to wrap up in a blanket and hibernate until Spring. The other part of me is excited by the new courses I’ve begun, and eager to get stuck into fresh projects. These two extreme attitudes inspire really interesting ideas and I can’t wait to start working on them.


More Trees

Playing around with printing and collage.

Winter Tree

Autumn Tree

Keeping the pen moving

“Keep the pen moving.” An excellent creative writing teacher I once had used to sign off with this line and it’s great advice for artists as well as writers. Sometimes the most important thing is to just keep at it, and that’s what I’m doing at the moment. So with that in mind here are some rather blurry photos of what I’ve been painting lately.

Tree on canvas

Tree with hearts

Oh woe!

“This is going quite massively wrong.” Sketchbook work inspired by one of my favourite books, Guilt and Gingerbread by Leon Garfield.

Massively Wrong