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Goat (LBoS)

lbosgoat12Finally, a new image on here, even though it’s actually one I did at the end of last year. This is the cover for Last Box of Sparklers’ EP Stage Fright, Summer Night, featuring a gorgeous goat I met in New Zealand.


Lion – Last Box of Sparklers

Another music-related post – this time the cover art for the heart-breakingly beautiful Lion EP from Last Box of Sparklers. You can listen to it on Spotify (https://open.spotify.com/album/3udJrWT86gBUBBnSULeIjj) and Bandcamp (http://lastboxofsparklers.bandcamp.com/album/lion), and I really recommend that you do!

Lion - LBoS

Work, work, work

Here’s some work-in-progress, and a few photos of the other things that are keeping me busy: There’s uni work; lots of reading and thinking and writing (usually with my study-buddy-bunny for company). Then there’s what I call work-work, my job, which is made immensely more enjoyable by sunny lunchbreaks with pretty views. And occasionally, there’s housework, which is not so bad when it includes making blueberry muffins!


Woolf Bunny

Lunch view

Blueberry muffin mix

I am Woman

…Hear me roar! (Yes, I know this is a male lion, but they have such beautiful manes!)

Lion sketch

Saturday Sketching

I decided to continue this marvelous weekend I’m having by enjoying a few glasses of wine and sketching some of the animals I met in New Zealand. I started with these alpacas who had recently been sheared and were totally adorable.

Alpaca sketch

Last Box of Sparklers album cover

Time for another Last Box of Sparklers cover! Erik wanted a gun this time, something I was less than enthusiastic about. I like trees and birds and the sea and nice things like that. So I compromised and drew one of those joke guns – the ones that have a flag with the word ‘Bang’ that pops out when the trigger is pulled. I went about it in my usual fashion: sketching first with pencil then drawing over with fine-liner. I used watercolour pencils next and was intending to paint afterwards but I liked the texture and so left it at that. After scanning it was time for lettering on Photoshop, the most time-consuming part of the process. Below is the work in progress and the final result. You can listen to the album here: Last Box of Sparklers – Put a Gun To My Head But Don’t Scare Me!


LBoS album cover

Trick or Treat?

I tend to be a bit cynical when it comes to Halloween; I can’t stand the mass-produced (or just plain stupid) costumes, and the concept of trick-or-treating seems a bit mean to me. But there’s a lot I do like, not least the strange mix of fear and fun. Today has got me thinking about the fact that (many) humans actually like being frightened and I’ve been reading all about the science and psychology behind it. Now I’m going to snuggle down in bed and scare myself silly with a horror movie!


Alces Alces

Today I’ve been feeling a bit too Autumn-y so I decided to chill out with some lovely music and my art stuff. I finished painting this solitary creature; one as exotic to me as a lion or tiger, but unlike those, one that I’ve actually seen in the wild. I thought I’d share this passage from Wikipedia as it’s the kind of thing I’ve been learning in my English language history course:

Alces alces, is always called a “moose” in American English but sometimes called an “elk” in British English. That same word “elk,” as used by a North American, means a completely different and only somewhat related animal, Cervus canadensis (wapiti).The word “elk” originated from Proto-Germanic languages, from which Old English evolved. The British English word “elk” has cognates in other Indo-European languages, for example elg in Danish/Norwegian; älg in Swedish; Elch in German; and łoś in Polish (Latin alcēalcē or alcēs and Greek ἅλκη álkē are probably Germanic loanwords). In the continental-European languages, these forms of the word “elk” almost always refer to the animal called moose.”

Fascinating stuff!

Alces Alces

Happy Monday

Happy Monday everyone! I’ve been in England for a week and have been having a splendid time catching up with family and friends. Earlier today I left my paintings at the Mill Arts Centre, where they’ll be exhibited alongside some fantastic work from eleven other Parched Artists. Opening night is on Thursday, from 6-9 pm. Come see!

I'd Like to be a Tree (text)

Parched Artists @ The Mill Arts Centre

“Parched Artists” Number 6 will be taking place at the Mill Arts Centre, Banbury and I’m very happy to be a part of it after missing the last exhibition due to exams. Opening night is on the 5th of June and our work will be on display until the end of the month! I’m going to be showing some of my Trees on Wood (including a few that I’ve only shown in Sweden until now) and maybe some birds too, space permitting. We’re all massively excited and hoping to see lots of friendly faces on opening night!

Copper Hues (1-4)