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Weekend Wandering

There are just a few days left to catch Parched Artists at the Mill, and as that exhibition is coming to an end I’m eager to get stuck into new projects. I was hoping to go to the islands this weekend for some outdoors painting but unfortunately the weather has scuppered my plans. Instead I think I’ll get my sketchbook out and see where the mood takes me!

Banbury Guardian-PA-05.06


Elated and Exhausted!

Today I completed my last assignment of the semester which means that I’m done with studying until the Autumn! It’s strange to think that just a week ago I was enjoying the opening night of the “Parched Artists” exhibition at the Mill Arts Centre. We’re incredibly proud of how great everything looks and since the show is up until the end of June there’s plenty of time to check it out!

PA@Mill, Photo-Tjobbe Andrews


Happy Monday

Happy Monday everyone! I’ve been in England for a week and have been having a splendid time catching up with family and friends. Earlier today I left my paintings at the Mill Arts Centre, where they’ll be exhibited alongside some fantastic work from eleven other Parched Artists. Opening night is on Thursday, from 6-9 pm. Come see!

I'd Like to be a Tree (text)

Parched Artists @ The Mill Arts Centre

“Parched Artists” Number 6 will be taking place at the Mill Arts Centre, Banbury and I’m very happy to be a part of it after missing the last exhibition due to exams. Opening night is on the 5th of June and our work will be on display until the end of the month! I’m going to be showing some of my Trees on Wood (including a few that I’ve only shown in Sweden until now) and maybe some birds too, space permitting. We’re all massively excited and hoping to see lots of friendly faces on opening night!

Copper Hues (1-4)

Number 4

I’m back in snowy Sweden after a great time in England. Our fourth “Parched Artists” exhibition was my favourite yet; there was a lovely festive atmosphere and everyone in the group sold work. I have masses of coursework to finish before Christmas so I think I have to take a little art break, but before I do I have the fourth LBoS EP cover to design!



I’m excited and nervous and still-working-to-get-everything-done for tomorrow’s exhibition. I’ve got a couple of details to add to a few paintings and I still have to frame everything so it’s going to be a very late night for me!

Penguin 1

Parched Artists 4

It’s going to be a busy month – “Parched Artists” are exhibiting again at the end of November! More details coming soon but for now here’s a section of a painting I finished this week. You can see the whole piece in our very first zine, which will be available at the exhibition.

face detail

Home again

“Parched Artists 3” seems like absolutely ages ago, but it was only last week that we took over the garden at The Wine Vaults. It was definitely our most challenging exhibition to date as the pub garden setting meant that we had few walls to display our work on and serious weather worries. Luckily the sun came out and the day was a success!

Colours 2 (half size)

Colours 1 (half size)

On my way

What a difference a few days make! I’ve finished all my work and am off to England this evening. I’m so excited about Thursday’s exhibition and can’t wait to see new work from my fellow Parched Artists.

 The Three Graces (are sleeping all night and all day)

XX (x5)

Parched Artists 3

It’s that time again! “Parched Artists” will be holding a one-day extravaganza on the 22nd of August at The Wine Vaults, Banbury. Below are a couple of pieces I’m working on for the exhibition.