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Work, work, work

Here’s some work-in-progress, and a few photos of the other things that are keeping me busy: There’s uni work; lots of reading and thinking and writing (usually with my study-buddy-bunny for company). Then there’s what I call work-work, my job, which is made immensely more enjoyable by sunny lunchbreaks with pretty views. And occasionally, there’s housework, which is not so bad when it includes making blueberry muffins!


Woolf Bunny

Lunch view

Blueberry muffin mix


I am Woman

…Hear me roar! (Yes, I know this is a male lion, but they have such beautiful manes!)

Lion sketch

Saturday Sketching

I decided to continue this marvelous weekend I’m having by enjoying a few glasses of wine and sketching some of the animals I met in New Zealand. I started with these alpacas who had recently been sheared and were totally adorable.

Alpaca sketch

Last Box of Sparklers album cover

Time for another Last Box of Sparklers cover! Erik wanted a gun this time, something I was less than enthusiastic about. I like trees and birds and the sea and nice things like that. So I compromised and drew one of those joke guns – the ones that have a flag with the word ‘Bang’ that pops out when the trigger is pulled. I went about it in my usual fashion: sketching first with pencil then drawing over with fine-liner. I used watercolour pencils next and was intending to paint afterwards but I liked the texture and so left it at that. After scanning it was time for lettering on Photoshop, the most time-consuming part of the process. Below is the work in progress and the final result. You can listen to the album here: Last Box of Sparklers – Put a Gun To My Head But Don’t Scare Me!


LBoS album cover

Shepherd’s Delight

I’ve been pretty quiet lately, mostly because I’m still getting used to juggling my job and my course. But this weekend I took a few days off to work on a super exciting project – one that combines some of my favourite things. I can’t say much more at the moment but if all goes as planned I should be able to share some good news soon!

Shepherd's Delight

Sketchbook Sunday

It’s cold and rainy here so I’ve spent the afternoon snuggled up with tea, scented candles and my art supplies. I usually work on loose pieces of paper but I bought a couple of sketchbooks last month and it’s great to have something that I can take anywhere. I think working in a sketchbook feels more private, more like a journal, and this definitely affects what I draw and paint.

Starry-eyed Girls

Death Songs (Part One)

Now that it’s released I can share the cover I did for the latest Last Box of Sparklers EP (https://lastboxofsparklers.bandcamp.com/album/death-songs-part-one/ and Last Box of Sparklers – Death Songs (Part One)). I like to use my own experiences in  my art as much as possible and for almost all my bird pictures I’ve spent time watching and photographing birds and then used those photos for reference. Getting to know a bird’s character makes it easier and more enjoyable to create a good portrait. For this cover I’ve painted a vulture and unfortunately I’ve never met one in real life so I had to resort to the internet. Vultures are fascinating creatures with a lot of symbolism surrounding them – a perfect subject. As always, I sketched the bird in pencil first, then drew over the ‘right’ lines with a waterproof pen. Then it was time for watercolours and I especially enjoyed painting the texture of  the vulture’s wrinkly neck. On Photoshop I added a plain dark background and my own lettering and the result is my favourite LBoS cover yet!

Vulture - pen

Vulture - watercolour

Death Songs (Part One)

Penguins in progress

I’ve had a lovely weekend painting, listening to music, and drinking lots of coffee. I didn’t finish the penguin paintings but I started a couple of new pieces and am almost done with another two so I’m not panicking just yet. I’m flying to England on Wednesday and the exhibition isn’t until Saturday so if I need to I can pack a few tubes of paint and finish things there.

4 penguins in progress


I should be writing an essay but painting is more fun. Procrastination in one area = productivity in another! Here’s a bit of a painting I’ve been working on today, starring my beautiful bunny Panda.

bunny detail


…is actually yesterday now as it’s way past midnight. Here are some more ‘in progress’ photos, taken just before I painted in dozens of black lines.

colours 1

colours 2