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Lion – Last Box of Sparklers

Another music-related post – this time the cover art for the heart-breakingly beautiful Lion EP from Last Box of Sparklers. You can listen to it on Spotify (https://open.spotify.com/album/3udJrWT86gBUBBnSULeIjj) and Bandcamp (http://lastboxofsparklers.bandcamp.com/album/lion), and I really recommend that you do!

Lion - LBoS


The Incredible Disappearing Boy

It’s been quiet on the art front lately, what with having a dissertation to research and write, so when I saw that The Incredible Disappearing Boy (http://incredibledisappearingboy.com/) needed artwork for their debut EP I was gutted that I didn’t have time to get involved. Imagine my surprise then, when I was asked if my painting Red Sky could be used for the cover! I’ve been listening to the EP all weekend and am so happy to be involved (in a very small way) with such fantastic music!

The Incredible Disappearing Boy - EP cover

To the Lighthouse

I’m writing the final essays for my literature course at the moment and one of the books I’m studying is Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse. It reminded me of this painting I made when I was little – one of those ones where you paint on half the paper and then squish the other side onto it creating a mirror image. For a long time I saw it as an apple, then a ribcage, but for the last decade or so it’s been a lighthouse.

The Lighthouse

Another LBoS cover!

Watercolour pencils + wet paintbrush + hand-drawn lettering + template from previous covers + Photoshop = the latest cover for Last Box of Sparklers. Sometimes it’s good to keep things simple, especially when there are dissertation proposals to write and poems to analyse! You can listen on Spotify or by clicking this link: http://lastboxofsparklers.bandcamp.com/album/more-songs-that-no-one-wants-to-hear

LBoS-More Songs...

“Before the Breakdown”

A little while ago I posted that I was up to something exciting. That thing was an EP cover for the Swedish band Sun & The Rain Men, which I made with a mixture of painting and Photoshop. Here it is! (Sun & The Rain Men – Before The Breakdown)

Before the Breakdown - Sun + the Rain Men

Alces Alces

Today I’ve been feeling a bit too Autumn-y so I decided to chill out with some lovely music and my art stuff. I finished painting this solitary creature; one as exotic to me as a lion or tiger, but unlike those, one that I’ve actually seen in the wild. I thought I’d share this passage from Wikipedia as it’s the kind of thing I’ve been learning in my English language history course:

Alces alces, is always called a “moose” in American English but sometimes called an “elk” in British English. That same word “elk,” as used by a North American, means a completely different and only somewhat related animal, Cervus canadensis (wapiti).The word “elk” originated from Proto-Germanic languages, from which Old English evolved. The British English word “elk” has cognates in other Indo-European languages, for example elg in Danish/Norwegian; älg in Swedish; Elch in German; and łoś in Polish (Latin alcēalcē or alcēs and Greek ἅλκη álkē are probably Germanic loanwords). In the continental-European languages, these forms of the word “elk” almost always refer to the animal called moose.”

Fascinating stuff!

Alces Alces

Shepherd’s Delight

I’ve been pretty quiet lately, mostly because I’m still getting used to juggling my job and my course. But this weekend I took a few days off to work on a super exciting project – one that combines some of my favourite things. I can’t say much more at the moment but if all goes as planned I should be able to share some good news soon!

Shepherd's Delight

Flash, bang!

It’s only half past five but it’s already dark as night here. There’s thunder and lightning, strong winds and rain lashing down: a really dramatic end to a smashing week! I worked so much and so hard that my body hurt all over come Saturday. But I also made it to two big gigs at Liseberg, the theme park in the middle of Gothenburg. On Wednesday I saw Patti Smith and yesterday (Saturday) I watched Snoop Dogg. I feel a little guilty that I’m not spending more time drawing and painting but I know it’s there for me when I feel like it, so for now I’m just enjoying stocking up on inspiring sights and sounds.


Weekend Wandering

There are just a few days left to catch Parched Artists at the Mill, and as that exhibition is coming to an end I’m eager to get stuck into new projects. I was hoping to go to the islands this weekend for some outdoors painting but unfortunately the weather has scuppered my plans. Instead I think I’ll get my sketchbook out and see where the mood takes me!

Banbury Guardian-PA-05.06

Elated and Exhausted!

Today I completed my last assignment of the semester which means that I’m done with studying until the Autumn! It’s strange to think that just a week ago I was enjoying the opening night of the “Parched Artists” exhibition at the Mill Arts Centre. We’re incredibly proud of how great everything looks and since the show is up until the end of June there’s plenty of time to check it out!

PA@Mill, Photo-Tjobbe Andrews