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1115instagramIt’s been very quiet on the art front for a while now and the truth is that I’ve lacked time and inspiration. I have, however, finished my degree in English literature and creative writing! Only time will tell whether I create with paint and pencils rather than words in the near future, but feel free to check out my photos on Instagram: https://instagram.com/triple_o_v/



It’s that time of year when being outdoors changes from something I want to avoid to something I can’t get enough of. Spring has finally sprung here in Gothenburg and it’s delightful!

Squirrel spotting

Purple flowers




Work, work, work

Here’s some work-in-progress, and a few photos of the other things that are keeping me busy: There’s uni work; lots of reading and thinking and writing (usually with my study-buddy-bunny for company). Then there’s what I call work-work, my job, which is made immensely more enjoyable by sunny lunchbreaks with pretty views. And occasionally, there’s housework, which is not so bad when it includes making blueberry muffins!


Woolf Bunny

Lunch view

Blueberry muffin mix

Happy New…Zealand!

A few days ago I returned to Sweden from New Zealand, where I spent three weeks visiting my sister and her family. I watched breathtaking sunsets, felt a storm howling around me, gazed in wonder at the night sky, was bitten by a hedgehog, pecked by an ostrich, saw giraffes and monkeys, petted alpacas and goats, was entertained by my niece’s tall tales and dances, and charmed by my nephew’s smiles. I  swam in the sea on Christmas day, found masses of beautiful shells, drank loads of coffee and red wine, and ate the most delicious seafood.

Here’s hoping that 2015 brings even more joyful times. Happy New Year!

Waiheke from plane window

A Flying Visit

Last week I managed to squeeze in a short trip to England for some much-needed family time. I had the good fortune of being in Banbury at the same time as the fair, something I went to every year until I moved away. Nothing had changed in the ten years that had passed since I was there last; it was still the same grotesque, dizzying, exciting experience. I ‘hooked-a-duck’, ate candyfloss, and even went on a ride called Star Flyer (twice, because I enjoyed it so much!) And I’ll be doing lots more flying soon, as I’m going to New Zealand in December!

Fair - Galloping Horses

Fair - Hook A Duck

Fair - Star Flyer

Fair - Star Flyer 2

Fair - Desperate Dan's

Fair - Wilson's Fast Foods

Fair - Nightmare Express

Time Flies

I really love this time of year – even though it heralds the end of summer and the descent into the cold, dark months, it’s also the beginning of a new school semester. I’ve been back at uni for two weeks already and my mind is quickly filling up with lovely words and facts and ideas and arguments. The longer nights mean there are lots of excuses for snuggling up and I can already hear my paints and sketchbooks calling, even though it’s still quite faint. Hopefully, there’ll be some time for arty-stuff in-between classes and work (and jam-making and bunny-snuggling and all the other little things that make life good).

Flying Birds

Summer – Swedish style

I haven’t posted for a whole month so I thought it was high time for an update! I have been spending the Summer working hard and playing hard. My job as a cleaner is far from glamourous but I’m really enjoying it. I travel all over Gothenburg and the neighbouring counties and get to see all sorts of interesting things. It’s very physical work which feels great after months of sitting at a desk studying. As for the playing hard…well, I’m fully embracing the Swedish outdoorsy-culture; with weather this fantastic it would be crazy not to! I’ve cycled to the sea, swam in lakes, walked in forests, picked wild raspberries, and tried to befriend almost every animal I’ve come into contact with, from wild hares to affection-hungry cats (okay, that last one might be a me-thing rather than a Swedish thing).

Summer '14 1

Summer '14 2

Summer '14 3

Summer '14 4

Summer '14 5

Summer '14 6


Weekend Wandering

There are just a few days left to catch Parched Artists at the Mill, and as that exhibition is coming to an end I’m eager to get stuck into new projects. I was hoping to go to the islands this weekend for some outdoors painting but unfortunately the weather has scuppered my plans. Instead I think I’ll get my sketchbook out and see where the mood takes me!

Banbury Guardian-PA-05.06

Full of the Joys of Spring

Spring has well and truly sprung here in Gothenburg, and I am in love with the city. I take the tram to uni, and the short walk to the tramstop and then up to the humanities campus makes me so happy as I pass the most beautiful trees and flowers. At the weekend I went out to the islands, just me and a book and the sun, sky and sea. Perfect.

Kortedala Torg






I spent the weekend in Copenhagen with my friend (and fellow Parched Artist) Hayley. It was a only a short trip but it was long enough to completely fall in love with the place! We stayed in super-cool Versterbro but also explored Christianshavn, Christiania, and the city centre. There was so much to see that I barely opened my sketchbook but it felt good to just soak up the sunshine and surroundings.

Copenhagen 1

Copenhagen 2

Copenhagen 3

Copenhagen 4

Copenhagen 5