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The Incredible Disappearing Boy

It’s been quiet on the art front lately, what with having a dissertation to research and write, so when I saw that The Incredible Disappearing Boy (http://incredibledisappearingboy.com/) needed artwork for their debut EP I was gutted that I didn’t have time to get involved. Imagine my surprise then, when I was asked if my painting Red Sky could be used for the cover! I’ve been listening to the EP all weekend and am so happy to be involved (in a very small way) with such fantastic music!

The Incredible Disappearing Boy - EP cover



It’s that time of year when being outdoors changes from something I want to avoid to something I can’t get enough of. Spring has finally sprung here in Gothenburg and it’s delightful!

Squirrel spotting

Purple flowers




Work, work, work

Here’s some work-in-progress, and a few photos of the other things that are keeping me busy: There’s uni work; lots of reading and thinking and writing (usually with my study-buddy-bunny for company). Then there’s what I call work-work, my job, which is made immensely more enjoyable by sunny lunchbreaks with pretty views. And occasionally, there’s housework, which is not so bad when it includes making blueberry muffins!


Woolf Bunny

Lunch view

Blueberry muffin mix

“Before the Breakdown”

A little while ago I posted that I was up to something exciting. That thing was an EP cover for the Swedish band Sun & The Rain Men, which I made with a mixture of painting and Photoshop. Here it is! (Sun & The Rain Men – Before The Breakdown)

Before the Breakdown - Sun + the Rain Men

Summer – Swedish style

I haven’t posted for a whole month so I thought it was high time for an update! I have been spending the Summer working hard and playing hard. My job as a cleaner is far from glamourous but I’m really enjoying it. I travel all over Gothenburg and the neighbouring counties and get to see all sorts of interesting things. It’s very physical work which feels great after months of sitting at a desk studying. As for the playing hard…well, I’m fully embracing the Swedish outdoorsy-culture; with weather this fantastic it would be crazy not to! I’ve cycled to the sea, swam in lakes, walked in forests, picked wild raspberries, and tried to befriend almost every animal I’ve come into contact with, from wild hares to affection-hungry cats (okay, that last one might be a me-thing rather than a Swedish thing).

Summer '14 1

Summer '14 2

Summer '14 3

Summer '14 4

Summer '14 5

Summer '14 6


Elated and Exhausted!

Today I completed my last assignment of the semester which means that I’m done with studying until the Autumn! It’s strange to think that just a week ago I was enjoying the opening night of the “Parched Artists” exhibition at the Mill Arts Centre. We’re incredibly proud of how great everything looks and since the show is up until the end of June there’s plenty of time to check it out!

PA@Mill, Photo-Tjobbe Andrews


Happy Monday

Happy Monday everyone! I’ve been in England for a week and have been having a splendid time catching up with family and friends. Earlier today I left my paintings at the Mill Arts Centre, where they’ll be exhibited alongside some fantastic work from eleven other Parched Artists. Opening night is on Thursday, from 6-9 pm. Come see!

I'd Like to be a Tree (text)

Parched Artists @ The Mill Arts Centre

“Parched Artists” Number 6 will be taking place at the Mill Arts Centre, Banbury and I’m very happy to be a part of it after missing the last exhibition due to exams. Opening night is on the 5th of June and our work will be on display until the end of the month! I’m going to be showing some of my Trees on Wood (including a few that I’ve only shown in Sweden until now) and maybe some birds too, space permitting. We’re all massively excited and hoping to see lots of friendly faces on opening night!

Copper Hues (1-4)

Full of the Joys of Spring

Spring has well and truly sprung here in Gothenburg, and I am in love with the city. I take the tram to uni, and the short walk to the tramstop and then up to the humanities campus makes me so happy as I pass the most beautiful trees and flowers. At the weekend I went out to the islands, just me and a book and the sun, sky and sea. Perfect.

Kortedala Torg





No Snow

I had a wonderful Christmas with my family and now that I’m back in Sweden I’m concentrating on end-of-term essays and exams. Despite the predictions of snow chaos we’ve only had a few days of snow so far this winter and I’m missing the brightness that a blanket of white brings to otherwise dark days. Today I’m sharing a painting from 2009 as the only drawing I’ve been doing lately is playing Pictionary and decorating biscuits!

Red Sky